Justice Matters Poster by Cori Pillows

Cori is an emerging artist who seeks truth and peace through every brush stroke. She paints iconic images of historical leaders who inspire her to change the world, portraits of friends and family, and pieces that reflect power and strength in her community. Her work varies in mediums from charcoal and acrylics to digital mixed media. She creates from a place of great inspiration, which includes nature, history, family, love, loss, pain, struggle, social justice, and so much more. She is always seeking to reflect positive powerful images of her community in an attempt to remind us how amazing we all are. She finds that the fun is in the journey of creating the art piece and the outcome is simply icing on the cake.

Cori will also be showing work at TRiBE Oakland

Craft & Spoon
1629 Broadway, Oakland.

A great space to see local art and eat great great food. Craft and Spoon will participate in Queer Open Studios 2017.