Advisory Board and Staff

Advisory Board:
Darius Bogst
Jackie Francis
Melorra Green
Melonie Green

Rudy Lemcke

Mission Statement

Creative Labor: Queer Visual Artists Working Group, is an organization of Feminist, Queer, Trans and People of Color artists and thinkers. We are committed to social and cultural equity and organize to promote social justice.  We advance our goals through the creation and dissemination of Queer Visual Arts and Visual Culture.

Organizational Goals:

Through an active alliance of galleries and arts spaces throughout the Bay Area we will provide a network of exhibition opportunities for Queer Visual Artists.

Through an active website we will begin the creation of a Bay Area Visual Artists’ database with a long-term goal of expanding this database nationally.

Through an active social media presence we will identify regional, national and international opportunities for Queer Artists to have their work seen, exhibited and written about.

Through the organization of an Annual Visual Arts Salon we will continue the work begun by the Queer Cultural Center by organizing largest and oldest ongoing Queer Visual Arts exhibition in the United States.

Through career development workshops we will improve the communication and professional skills of working artists.


For the past 18 years the Queer Cultural Center of San Francisco has produced the largest and longest running annual visual arts exhibition at the South of Market Cultural Center (SOMArts). For the past 5 years a team of Bay Area artists, scholars and activists have juried an international call for entries and selected 30 – 50 artists each year to represent the latest trends in contemporary queer art making.

With the overwhelming success of QCC’s annual visual arts exhibition over the past few years we have become aware of the growing number of FQTPOC (Feminist, Queer, Trans, People of Color) visual artists in the Bay Area and the lack of any concentrated organization dedicated primarily to queer visual artists.

We are creating a sister organization, fiscally sponsored by QCC with the express intention of concentrating on queer visual arts and visual culture in the Bay Area that fills the current need for more queer visibility in the visual arts that will be met by an organization dedicated expressly to the goal of promoting queer visual artists.