Featured artists from the Openhouse community will be showing their work on:
Saturday, August 12th, from 1-4 pm.

Openhouse enables San Francisco Bay Area LGBT seniors to overcome the unique challenges they face as they age by providing housing, direct services and community programs. As a result, we have reduced isolation and empowered LGBT seniors to improve their overall health, well-being and economic security.

Janet Garcia

I’m a senior lavender warrior who started my art venture when I was four years old. My grandmother would draw stick figures on a piece of paper and tell me stories with them. I continued my art adventures as a child and young adult. I’m not producing art with totally recycled materials. This piece is what I call “Namaste.” I use this piece to meditate which helps me focus. I enjoy participating in Art Group at Openhouse. It’s fun and encouraging.

Lynn D. Fulkerson

The understanding of human vision now includes stereo pattern matching. My goal is to put what is “see” before personal style or self. With all forms of picture making, ie. Computers, films, television, and holograms, there becomes a visual culture. I participate within that culture by emphasizing a painting to canvas representation of the world. My picture making is of San Francisco and the people within that three-dimensional visual culture.

Lynn is a retired graphic artist and storyboard illustrator. She’s former owner of San Diego Holography Co. and also has fine art experience in holography and painting in American realism. She holds a Master’s of Arts degree from San Diego State University in Process Painting and a Master’s of Science degree from M.I.T. in Holographic Applications.

Nikos Diaman:

Nikos Diaman is a native San Franciscan who has lived in the city most of his life. He began doing photography in 2000 to create art, frequently transforming the ordinary into painterly images. His work is in private and corporate collections in Paris, San Francisco, San Miguel de Allende and Santa Fe.

More information is available at www.nlikosdiaman.com

Mari Bianca Tepper:

Born and raised in San Francisco, Mari has been doing professional work since high school. Currently Mari’s work is on display at the DeYoung Museum’s, Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll, and the California Historical Society’s, On the Road to the Summer of Love. She has designed album covers, and her work has been published in several books, magazines, and exhibited in museums and gallery shows. Raised on picket lines with her mother, Mari still fights the good fight, and is still in search of the fourth primary color.

Raoul Thomas:

On restoring “The Abstract Images” by Raoul Thomas. My works explore some of the notions we have about music, dance, play, movement, and ideas. I place objects to create a universal alliance of familiar ideas, and transform paints and papers to show a unique perspective of this “Inner World” and its relationship to the “Outer World” which we must pass through. I have always enjoyed and have been particularly inspired by abstract art, expressionism, music, (especially jazz and dance music), fabulous food and wine, exercising and gardening, nature and religion, and more recently witchcraft. Despite my “death sentence” nearly 25 years ago from a fatal illness and all its many years of side effects, I am thriving and creating in ways that I could never have imagined. My collective education and years of experiences with The Arts have helped me to express a personal and more everlasting vision with renewed voice, and another chance to share my creativity with my friends and family on this bewitching planet. I am alas restored.

Rick Gerharter:

Rick Gerharter has documented the queer communities of San Francisco and beyond for over 30 years. He is regularly published in the Bay Area Reporter, and has been published in a wide variety of periodicals and newspapers over the years. Book credits include Gay by the Bay: A History of Queer Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area; Witness the Love: Stories from the Heart of the AIDS Epidemic; Out in America; Out in the Castro: Desire, Promise, Activism, and San Francisco’s Castro plus numerous travel guides published by Lonely Planet.

Solo exhibits have included Queer Pix (1991), HomoFoto San Francisco (1996) and Havana Panorama (1998). The San Francisco GLBT Historical Society sponsored an exhibition of his work, “Capturing the Moment: The Photojournalism of Rick Gerharter” in 2006, and a selection of Queer Nation images was on exhibit at Faetopia in June, 2013. His work is in the collection of the Hormel Center at the San Francisco Public Library and the GLBT Historical Society of San Francisco. He is a long-time contributing photographer to Getty Images.

Group exhibits have included “Daily and Transcendent: 25+ Years of Queer Photojournalist Portraits by Jane Philomen Cleland and Rick Gerharter” (San Francisco Main Library), “Life and Death in Black and White: AIDS Direct Action 1985-1990” (GLBT Historical Society, San Francisco), Out at the Library, (Main Library, San Francisco), Sporting Life (GLBT Historical Society, San Francisco), Urban Scrawl (Armpit Gallery, San Francisco), Becoming Visible: The Invisible Culture (Parsons School of Design, New York), and Bay Area Lesbian and Gay Art and Photography (DeMaio Fine Arts Gallery, Guerneville, CA).