San Francisco & East Bay
Organizations and Individual Artists

East Bay Queer Open Studios
August 18th
6 – 8 pm
Qulture Collective
Spaces in the East Bay will be open from noon – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday August 19 & 20

Flight Deck
1540 Broadway, Oakland
Craft & Spoon
1629 Broadway | Oakland
Qulture Collective
1714 Franklin | Oakland
TRiBE Oakland
3303 San Pablo Ave | Oakland
Town Biz
349 15th Street | Oakland
White Horse Bar
Shanon O Kay
1254 Ocean Avenue Studio | Emeryville
Mokhtar Paki
@Firehouse | Berkeley
  William Ulrich
Firehouse | Berkeley
 Bushmama Africa
@Flight Deck | Oakland
eddie gesso
@White Horse Bar | Oakland
Cori Pillows
@Craft & Spoon  &
TRiBE Oakland | Oakland
Nicolas Gonzalez Medina
@ Town Biz | Oakland
Toshia Christal
@TRiBE Oakland
Artist & The DJ
@ Qulture Collective | Oakland
Openhouse at Bob Ross LGBT Senior Center
Group Show| S.F.
Castro Street ArtSavesLives Studio and Gallery
August Show | S.F.

San Francisco LGBT Community Center Queer Ancestors Project | S.F.

Center For Sex and Culture
Dorian Katz | S.F
GLBT History Museum
Lenore Chinn | S.F.
Developing Environments
Group Show | S.F.
Jordan Joel Penncock & Félix D’Eon
Jordan Joel Pennock
Felix D’Eon
Alexader Hernandez
@ The Center | S.F.
Eureka Valley / Harvey Milk
Public Library
Galería de la Raza
Queerly Tèhuäntin | Cuir Us
Pamela Peniston
Developing Environments | S.F.
Debra Walker
Developing Environments | S.F.
Rudy Lemcke
Developing Environments | S.F.
Carlo Abruzzese
Developing Environments | S.F.
Rebekah Frank
Developing Environments | S.F.
Hugh Buck
Developing Environments | S.F.
Daniel Smith
San Francisco
Nikos Diaman
@ Openhouse | S.F.
Katie Morton
Borderlands Books | SF
 Rick Gerharter
@ Openhouse | San Francisco
 Element Eclipse
@ArtSavesLives | S.F.